Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C.


My experience with Colleen, as both my Health Coach and my friend, has been transforming. She has compassionately helped me with my continual quest to eat clean, stay healthy and have an overall positive outlook on life. She has selflessly offered me continual encouragement, support and gentle nudging when she sees me on the precipice of a life-changing break-through. Our meetings are always exciting and a source of comfort.

Although I was already on a healthy path, I was unaware of just how much I didn’t know. Colleen brings different and open-minded perspectives to the table which allow for balance and new possibilities and potentials. She truly demonstrates qualities of a good coach by working with my existing skill-set. Colleen can artfully draw the capabilities of innate problem-solving out of an individual which helps build courage and self-confidence.

I cannot say enough about Colleen’s overwhelming support and compassion. Her own life is an absolute inspiration. Her passion and outlook have become a resource and corner stone for me as I continue to grow and learn and enjoy life. I was limited before I went to Colleen. She helps form a plan designed specifically for me and my unique biochemistry. Eating clean and treating the whole person has freed me from negative habits as well as negative thinking (fueled by the wrong/processed/manipulated foods) so that I can truly absorb the nutritive properties of organic whole foods, enjoy the restorative benefits of the natural elements and take care of my body with natural longstanding practices. My daily outlook has changed for the better, my relationship with my body has progressed and my relationships have improved. Treating the whole person, which Colleen does seamlessly, is the answer to a healthy lifestyle.

I am grateful to have Colleen in my life and look forward to future sessions with her.

I had a great experience being a client of Colleen’s.  She thoroughly evaluated my past health history and specifically my relationship w/ food.  She did an excellent job of trying to understand what I’ve done/where I’ve been in the past and trying to help me get to where I want to be, not just w/ my weight but my overall health and well being.  One of our sessions consisted of visiting a local health food store.  Colleen introduced me to many new foods there and how they could help me get to my overall health goals.  Colleen educated me on making small changes, whether it be in cooking preparation, ordering out at favorite local restaurants, or visiting others’ homes where meals would be served.  These small changes were not so intimidating but instead have made a positive difference in many aspects of my life.  I have a clearer understanding of not only knowing what my health goals are but also the everyday choices that I make to get me to those long term goals, because of Colleen’s guidance.

I would recommend Colleen to anyone that is looking for a healthier balance in their life, whether it be w/ food, exercise, eliminating stress, and/or just figuring out how to take more time in your life for their overall well being.