Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C.

Parents and Teachers


Work with me to…

  • Meet your wellness goals for yourself – eat better, loose weight, more “me time”, etc.

  • Learn how to do all of the above without guilt

  • Prioritize so you don’t end up looking like this gal ——>

  • Implement self-care routines that help you do what you ultimately want to… be your very best for the kids in your care.

Better Yet…

It’s all done virtually! No appointments to keep. No schedules to remember. Simply log in to the app and connect! Visit HERE to learn more. Or just download the app and enter the code COLLEEN when prompted. See you on the other side!

A Health Coach in Your Pocket!

A Health Coach in Your Pocket!

It’s so simple –

you best care for others when you care for yourself.

Wait. Maybe that’s really complex. Because we caregivers are experts at the self-guilt trip. If you take time for yourself, won’t you be neglecting all those other things clamoring for your attention? Won’t you neglect the kids?

In a word – NO!

But… I know it isn’t that cut and dry. Because I’ve lived it! I lived it as an educator. I live it as a mom. You should know: I CAN be done, and you can feel a whole lot better.

If you need to: loose weight, de-stress, clean up your diet, or learn to bring your life into balance so you can be all you want to be for the kids in your care, let’s talk.

Maybe you’ve tried everything. Maybe you’re totally confused because your neighbor is having raging success with a Paleo approach but your sister swears that vegetarian is the healthiest way to go. And all you want to do is eat right and feel better (maybe loose some weight). Is your head spinning from all the conflicting information out there?

I have a secret…

I can get you off the ride. Your neighbor and your sister, with their opposite approaches… they’re both right… for them. The truth is that there never is, and there never will be, a one-size-fits-all approach to eating. Working with the concept of Bio-individuality, I’ll help you break the cycle, stop the madness, and find YOUR personal best.

DSC_6906Workshops: I offer innovative and interactive wellness workshops for parents and professionals. Topics such as stress management and stress reduction, healthy living, and life balance. My workshops get rave reviews and I bring treats! (Chocolate!). Contact me to see how I can help your school or group.