Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C.

Nudging You to Wellness

What does an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach do?

Well… basically I am a life coach who can teach you to like kale and say the word quinoa! (keen-wa)kalefree

In other words, I take a mind/body/soul approach to wellness. I work on food choices, quality, and quantity with my clients quite a bit. Of course there are additional factors that contribute to overall health, like good exercise and getting enough sleep too. Even more than that, there are things like making time to relax and spending time with friends that have a very direct impact on your wellbeing.
Life is busy! And there’s a lot to balance. So what I’ve found is that my clients have a tough time maintaining appointments and keeping focus between our sessions. And I totally get that!

For a few months this past year I had a unique opportunity where I was actually coaching by app on my smartphone and computer. I LOVED it, and my clients had fantastic results. Why? Because I became a health coach in their pocket. They could reach out to me anytime, and I could respond fairly promptly. And there were no meetings to schedule and drive to, which was a bonus for both of us.

The clients loved having that ongoing access to me for accountability and consistent support. And I loved knowing I was offering them exactly what they needed as they needed it. No waiting two weeks for an appointment!

Well, unfortunately that company closed down and I lost the job. But I’ve watched the clients I had continue to have great success on the path we set on, and I was determined to figure out another way to offer the same kind of structure.

Enter NUDGE. It’s an app for your smartphone, and it ties you directly to me. Want to loose weight? Eat clean? Find a sense of balance in your go-go-go world? Let’s do it together. Simply click HERE.

Follow the instructions on the page to start your free trial and I’ll see you on the other side of cyber space.