Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C.

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This note starts with some sobering facts, and ends with hope.

According to the American Cancer Society, In 2015, there will be an estimated 1,658,370 new cancer cases diagnosed and 589,430 cancer deaths in the US.

According to, more than 23.5 million Americans have an autoimmune disease – a leading cause of death and disability.

According to the Global Genes Project, 1 in 10 Americans has a rare disease.

Americans are getting sick at alarming rates. And while exploring the reasons why would take way more than this little blog, I truly believe this: YOU are ultimately in control of your well-being.

I believe this because I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition coach, and I help people get healthy, whether they just need a little life balance or whether they are facing something major. I also believe this because, well, I am sick! I have an incurable rare disease AND an auto-immune disorder. And yet I am healthier than I have been in years – thriving and defying everything about the diagnosis. This picture was taken this fall – almost seven years into a diagnosis they said would disable or kill me. I feel as healthy as I look here.

Why do I tell you this? Well, maybe you’re facing a major diagnosis. Most certainly you know someone who is! And I want to help.

I know there are some hard health blows we can not avoid (I sure would have if I could have!). But I also know that when they come, there is so much we can do about them.

That’s why I wrote my new book, “Defining The New Normal: A Guide to Becoming More Than Your Diagnosis”. To teach others to thrive, not just survive, no matter what the medical charts say.

The book is a primer of sorts, teaching readers to make healthy changes and implement good-for-you practices in each area of your life. No crazy miracle “cures”, no outlandish  practices. It is just straight-talking advice on how to take control in the face of a major diagnosis and feel better. Simple. Healthy. Empowering.

This past week my book hit the bestseller list in FIVE different Kindle categories. It is FREE on Kindle through Monday, January 26th. Grab yours today and forward this to a friend who could benefit.


Take Care,